Achieving Electrical Safety By Design

Designing safety into plant and facility
electrical systems

Creating a safe work environment and reducing accidents are critical to any industrial facility. Electrical incidents damage equipment and create downtime, but even worse, injure and kill people.

通常は防御の第一線は PPE ですが、最も効果的であるとは限りません。電気的障害のリスクと事象の両方を低減するには、より大規模な制御が必要になることが明らかになっています。予防と排除はいずれも非常に効果的であり、工場の電気系統で安全設計を行うためにコンポーネントを使用する際、特定の安全制御ポイントがいくつかあります。

Download the White Paper to learn how incorporating both new electrical components and upgrading components in older facilities will greatly improve overall electrical safety.

This white paper covers:

green-square-bullet Reducing risk of electrical shock
green-square-bullet Reducing incident energy levels
green-square-bullet Stopping arc-flash situations before they stop you
green-square-bullet Updating for safety in older facilities
green-square-bullet Using remote diagnostics to avoid exposure to panels 


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